Parson Weems’ Publisher Services, LLC was founded in 1997 by partners Christopher Kerr and Colwyn Krussman (1935-2016), long time publishing sales executives. Parson Weems adopted both traditional and non-traditional means to sell their clients’ books. The company was purchased by Linda Cannon and Eileen Bertelli in January of 2014.

The company is named after the flamboyant nineteenth-century publishing figure and folk hero, Mason Locke Weems. Among his many careers, Weems was an itinerant book peddler, Anglican minister, and author of moral tracts and questionable biographies, most memorably a biography of George Washington that included an apocryphal tale of the first president’s childhood encounter with a cherry tree.

In the spirit of this tradition, Parson Weems:

  • Promotes and sells publishers’ titles in the Mid-Atlantic and New England States
  • Offers sales and marketing management as a consultancy
  • Coordinates freelance project support.

For its clients, Parson Weems sells forthcoming titles, informs customers of fast-breaking publicity, and implements backlist promotions.

The New England and Mid-Atlantic regions covered by Parson Weems include twelve of the top sixty book markets in America. As such, the company offers its clients deep and broad coverage in regions critical to any book’s success.